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2 – 3 years

Our 2-3 Room caters for 15 children.

Our staff in our 2-3 room plan activities using the new “Pre Birth to Three Document” published by the Scottish Executive.  

We have a Smart Board and Computer within the 2-3 room to incorporate ICT skills.

Our staff in our 2-3 room plan activities using the new “Pre Birth to Three Document” published by the Scottish Executive.  Each staff plans four activities each week.  Two activities are responsive to the children’s needs and each activity is planned around the 4 Key aspects of the Curriculum, which are: Relationships, Responsive, Respect and Rights of the Child.

Children’s work and photographs are displayed in each room, which builds on the children’s confidence, and self esteem.

 The 2-3 room has a private nappy changing area to ensure the children are given the dignity and privacy they deserve and a separate toilet area. In this room is where children would usually start toilet training in which the staff will fully support the parents and children. We don’t use potties at Hyde n Seek nursery as we feel it is a big enough transition for children to go from nappies to pants without having another one to go through as well! It is also in line with current infection control procedures.

The routine in the 2-3 room is flexible to each child’s needs and abilities. The daily routine consists of both structured and child led activities which are observed for each child’s individual record of development.

The children in the 2-3 room have access to the garden area on a daily basis.We provide daily report sheets for our parents that details their child’s day including how much they have had to eat/drink, activities they are took part in, how long they slept and what their nappies have been.






“The nursery is very good and helpful to both the parents and the children. The children learn a lot and are learning to interact well with both staff and other children.”
Olive Wilson

“Love the nurturing environment, having my son at Hyde n Seek Nursery has been great for his development and I love getting his wee sheet each day to see the various activities throughout the day. The girls are amazing couldn’t ask for more.”
Frances Gaughan

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