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Covid 19

The affects and changes Covid-19 will have on our reopening for our service users will be as follows

  • drop off and pick up times
  • cleaning
  • daily routines
  • face to face meetings
  • payments
  • social distancing
Drop off and pick up times - Parents as before will still not be permitted into
the nursery, a familiar member of staff will be present at the door to collect 
your child and take them to the playroom.  Parents must respect all social distancing 
in place.  
No more than 3 families are permitted into the building at the one time, if there
are 3 families please wait outside or in your cars until the building has cleared

*UPDATE OCTOBER: Can parents please ensure that when they are picking up or
dropping off their child that they wear a face mask within the communal building*

Cleaning - We have updated our cleaning rotas to ensure that we are cleaning 
the building and sterilising all the toys daily.  We clean everything twice a 
day in line with our cleaning rotas.  Staff and children have access to hand
sanitiser and are encouraged to wash their hands every 30 mins.  We also have the
fogging machine which we use every week to ensure the nursery is a sterile
environment for our children and staff

Routines - Learning experiences and resources will remain as normal as possible for our 
children however we will have limited resources on hand each day so that these are 
cleaned and sterilised to ensure infection control measures are well adhered to.  
We have removed sand and water play just now and will slowly introduce these back
into play as measures ease. Children will be served lunch by a member of staff and again 
self service will be introduced as measures ease.

Face to Face Meetings  - Following on from current guidelines, we are minimising all face 
to face meetings, however please be reassured that we will make all necessary arrangements 
to accommodate you and your needs.

Payments - Our preferred payment of fees is by bank transfer, standing order or card payments 
via telephone.

Social distancing - No physical contact between staff members and other adults can take place. 
We are asking all adults to respect the social distancing guidelines the Scottish Government have 
set out; this is currently 2 meters

Click here for a link to the current guidance






Since joining Hyde N Seek when he was 8 months old, I have watched Caolán flourish … he has such a strong bond with the girls and he looks forward to seeing his friends every day! Any areas of his development that I discuss with his key worker are immediately factored into planning his care and the staff always make so much time for us both … Well done to you all, I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone looking for childcare and I will be so sad when the day comes that he moves up to school! We both love you all so much, thank you for making it so easy for me to work and study, knowing that my son is in such great hands.

– Lynne Reilly.

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