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Key Staff


We have a highly motivated staff team who are dedicated to the care and development of the children.  Staff are highly motivated to further their own development and learning by taking on extra training courses.


All staff have been trained to deliver the Pre-Birth to Three Curriculum for 0-3 years children and Curriculum for Excellence for 3-5 years children. We provide all children with daily opportunities and experiencies to learn through both curriculums that will effectively develop and enhance their learning at a pace that suits each child.


All of our staff are SSSC registered and are all members of the PVG Scheme

So lets meet the team…….


Nursery Manager – Amanda Gow

I attended Cardonald College where I achieved my HNC in Early Education and Childcare. I started working for Hyde N Seek in 2012, where I was based in the Templeton branch. I worked with all age groups during my time at Templeton where I was promoted to room senior in the 3-5 room. During this time, I completed my SVQ in Social Services (Children and Young People) SCQF Level 9, through BNG Training. In June 2017, I was promoted to manager in our Redan Street branch, which has been challenging but enjoyable, and I work alongside a really good staff team and built strong relationships with all children and parents.

0-2 Department

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Mary Peat – Senior Practitioner

I have worked in childcare for 25 years and worked in Hyde N Seek for 12 years. I’m based within the 0-2 room at the moment and thoroughly enjoy working with this age group.

My qualifications are SVG level 2 and 3 in Early years Childcare and Education and my SVQ Level 4.


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Aileen Gallacher – Qualified Practitioner

My name is Aileen Gallacher and I have worked in Hyde N Seek since 2004. I have completed my SVQ level 2 and 3 through Experiential Play. I have worked with a variety of age groups through my time here and I’m currently based in the 0-2 room, which I thoroughly enjoy.



Heather Campbell – Qualified Practitioner

Hi my name is Heather Campbell and I have worked within the company for 15 years. I started at the Springburn branch for one year before moving to Redan Street. I have been qualified now for 17 years and hold a SVQ level 2 & 3, and regularly do training which keep me up to date with new legislations. I currently work in the 0-2 room, where I’m most happy and I still love my job as it is very rewarding, spending the days watching the children developing and achieving their goals



Kaitlyn Smith – Trainee Practitioner

My name is Kaitlyn. I’m currently working in Hyde N Seek Bridgeton whilst working towards my SVQ Level 3. I began working within in the 3-5 room but now working in the 0-2 room, and have enjoyed working with both age groups, gaining lots of confidence and experience. I’m due to qualify at the end of May and look forward to new challenges.


2-3 Department

 Kirsty Murray – Qualified Practitioner

My name is Kirsty and I have worked for the company for 11 years. My qualifications are SVQ Level 2,3 & 4. I have experience working in all age groups and enjoyed the challenge working with the younger and older children. I’m currently working in the 2-3 room alongside Cassie and we both have a lovely relationship with all children and parents.


Cassie Johnstone – Qualified Practitioner

Hi, my name is Cassie and I have worked for Hyde N Seek since 2013. I achieved my SVQ level 2 & 3 through a modern apprenticeship with Carousel. I trained in our Springburn branch, where I was based in the 2-3 room. When I qualified I moved to Redan Street, where I have worked in the 2-3 room and the 3-5 room. My favourite age group is the 2-3 room and that is where I am based at the moment. I feel I have a great relationship with the children and families not only in the 2-3 room but in the full nursery. I’m registered with SSSC and regularly attend training to help me keep myself up to date with legislation and documents.


3-5 Department

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 Kate Noad – Qualified Practitioner  

My name is Kate and I have worked in the company for 10 years. I first qualified in childcare in 1986 with an NNEB which is the equivalent of a Level 3. After doing lots of other jobs and courses, I came back to childcare in 2007, where I did a refresher course for my SVQ level 3 to ensure I was up to date with legislations and documents. I have worked in all rooms with all age groups during my time at Hyde n seek. I’m currently working in the 3-5 room alongside Nikki and Chloe which I really enjoy but my favourite age group would have to be the 2-3’s.


Nicola McGowan – Qualified Practitioner

My name is Nikki and I have worked for the company for 8 years now. I completed my SVQ level 2 & 3 whilst working in Hyde N Seek, where I gained lots of experience and knowledge. Throughout my time in the nursery I have worked in all rooms and with all staff, building up good relationships with the staff team, children and parents. I’m currently working in the preschool room alongside Kate and Chloe, and feel we work very well together. I also attend lots of training to help me continue to build on my knowledge and skills.



Chloe Moffat – Qualified Practitioner

I’m Chloe and in December I  gained my SVQ Level 2 & 3. I started in Hyde n Seek in August 2016 where I began my training with Carousel. Through my time here I have working with all age groups, which helped me develop different skills and qualities, as well as gain new knowledge whilst working towards my qualification. I’m currently based in the 3-5 room which I am really enjoying. I have built really good and positive relationships with all children and parents, and feel confident in my position within the nursery environment.


 Theresa Fitzpatrick – Nursery Cook 

I’ve been in the cooking industry for over 10 years and have a great love for cooking. I started in Redan Street nursery in September 2017 which has been totally different from what I have done before. It has been a challenge getting used to the different menus, cooking for children with allergies and certain needs but I enjoy working within the nursery environment.


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 Chris Gallacher – Maintenance Manager



My daughter loves coming to nursery, she is always happy when i pick her up at night and says shes had a good day the girls in the room are fantastic and as a result my little girl is progressing well through the experiences she is participating in daily. Natalie McCredie

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