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0 – 2 years

Baby Room


Babies and young children need very special consideration and individual care.

Our baby room is bright and homely ensuring a warm and stimulating surrounding for your baby to grow and develop.

We have equipment and resources to promote a wealth of experiences for young exploring minds, in a warm, safe and bright environment.

Learning at this stage is done through sensory activities and the staff creates a caring relaxed environment where the children can safely explore.


All equipment and resources are safety checked before the children arrive each day and the room is set up to encourage children to explore all areas including sensory areas, toys to encourage and support mobility, book areas and more. The specially designed ‘captains’ table and chairs allow all children to sit at the table and still be safe and secure. This encourages early social skills and independence while staff are there to praise and support the children.

 Creative play

Creative play covers a wide range of experiences through paint, play dough, gloop and clay. Children have opportunities to stimulate their senses in touch, smell and in some experiences to taste and experiment with mixing ingredients. Painting whether at an easel or at a table allows the children to explore a wide variety of tools and materials, such as brushes, sponges, stampers as well as more unconventional items such as string, junk, cars, bubbles, fruit or veg, leaves and branches. In collage we use wool, glue, card, glitter, magazines, tissue paper, straws, junk and every kind of paper imaginable. This kind of learning can also have therapeutic value as often squeezing, squishing and squashing textures through the fingers can bring a sense of calm and be very relaxing!

Children will;

Develop self help skills through pouring, measuring, mixing and cutting

Develop their social skills

Stimulate their senses

Explore being messy without being destructive

Develop positive self esteem and pride in their achievements

What you could do at home

Praise your child’s work; build their self esteem by displaying it

Talk about your child’s work, asking them how they made it.

A non-messy activity would be collecting some old boxes and help your child to build a model using sellotape

Learning occurs in the process or experience your child goes through in creating their work and not in the product itself.


Our private changing room gives the children the privacy and dignity they deserve. For sleeping arrangements the children have foldaway beds available every child has their own blanket and sheets in line with current infection control procedures and staff have in house laundry facilities to keep hygiene standards high. Parents are expected to provide nappies, wipes and any cream the children require. Formula milk is also required , however staff are not permitted to make up bottles, they must be brought in with the water and powder measured separately for staff to simply heat and mix together.

Each day parents receive a report sheet giving parents information on their child’s day, for example, what they have eaten, slept, and nappy changes as well as what activities they have been doing that day.


“The nursery is very good and helpful to both the parents and the children. The children learn a lot and are learning to interact well with both staff and other children.”
Olive Wilson

“Love the nurturing environment, having my son at Hyde n Seek Nursery has been great for his development and I love getting his wee sheet each day to see the various activities throughout the day. The girls are amazing couldn’t ask for more.”
Frances Gaughan

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