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I went back to work when my son was 14 months old and sent him to a different nursery, we had a terrible experience, he cried everyday, barely got outdoor time and just really struggled. At 2 I decided to try a different setting and moved him to Hyde and seek. The difference has been incredible. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful, the first day I took him to settle in he bumped his head and I braced myself for disaster, a staff member got to him before me and I couldn’t believe it when she settled him and got him playing with a box of magnets. I left and had the most relaxed hour I’ve had since he was born as I really felt he was safe. From the first few days he went in happy, he was happy and full of stories of his day when I collected him. Now we’re on lock down he asks to ‘go to school to see my friends and the ladies’ most days. We take him a walk past so he can check it’s still on holiday. Lovely staff, lovely facilities, particularly and impressive outdoor space and a nice atmosphere. – Malissa McWilliams 








“Our daughter Ellie loves being outside in the garden at hyde’n’Seek where she can play with her friends. She also likes the visits to Queens Park Glasshouse where she can say “hello” to the tortoises. Ellie enjoys the nursery and comes home in a good mood every night.”
Colin and Lynn Wilson

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